La Dolce Vita – an Italian phrase that literally translates as “the sweet life”.

Everybody wants a piece of that. For many buying a home is exactly that. And no matter if it’s the first, second or third time you can’t help but run hard and heart first into La Dolce Vita!

Ah, but you do know how it goes… All tummy-twirling excitement and thrills except for that buzz-kill cost looming around every corner threatening to ruin your joy. So, with pen in hand, a neatly split list of “wants and needs” press their way onto paper.  And I’m no fool ya’ll, I love insurance… and you just don’t. I know full well where homeowners insurance sits on that list!

Here’s the thing:

Most people approach homeowners insurance with their wallet tightly tucked deep in their pocket and their intent firmly set on finding the best deal for cost over coverage. They take the current market value of their home and base their homeowners coverage on that number. And that’s before you move all of your really great stuff in. Sound familiar?


Question: If the unimaginable happens and your home burns down will the ever fluctuating market value, including all of the content inside, be enough to cover what was lost?

Answer: Not likely. Think about it. On top of dealing emotionally with such a great loss, the insurance you purchased, for such a time as this, isn’t enough to rebuild and recreate that loss. You’ll want to buy new things to replace old things (home and content) and they’ll cost more.


The BIG Truth:

When investing in homeowners insurance think forward and carefully consider coverage over cost. What’s the real value of your home? Not the house that you just purchased, but your whole home? What would it actually cost to rebuild and recreate your family’s sense of security should the very worst happen?

Point to ponder: You’ll never regret having great coverage for your home, but you might regret not having it.

I love the simple definition of insurance: “Transfer of risk.”  It takes the heavy off and the worry away and leaves you to truly enjoy La Dolce Vita.

Want to see how your homeowners policy measures up?
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Your super enthusiastic insurance-girl