Disability Insurance, Reno, NV

When you can’t be 100%, disability insurance can help fill in.

It’s pretty hard for any of us to imagine being physically or mentally unable to do what we’ve always done. But sickness or injury can disable you in a way that makes it impossible to work and earn the income you and your family have come to rely on.

With disability insurance from Comstock, you are assured support in paying your bills, putting food on the table and providing for your family without going into serious debt. In the event of a disabling accident or illness, a disability insurance policy will pay a portion of your income, usually between 50 and 70 percent.

Policies can vary greatly depending on the individual. The duration and amount for which you are reimbursed are determined by the nature of the disabling accident. Like life insurance, disability is purchased for a period of time, such as a two- or five-year term, and benefits will only be paid if you become disabled during the term of the policy.

Why Get Disability Insurance?

Imagine if you stopped getting a paycheck for a week. A month. Six months. For most of us, it would be impossible to stay on top of our bills and the daily expenses of living. Disability insurance helps cover the loss of wages so that you can continue to maintain some order in your life.

Choosing the right disability coverage is important. Your Comstock agent will look at the individual factors in your life and work situation, and help design the best policy to meet your personal insurance needs.

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