Consultation Services, Reno, NV

How do you advise a consulting firm?
Very carefully.

Your consulting firm may be slightly less tangible than a traditional bricks and mortar business. However, it’s every bit as valuable, and every bit in need of insurance coverage. At Comstock, we provide industry-specific insurance options to make sure your business keeps the consulting a-comin’.

Yes, it’s a special niche that you won’t find at just any insurance agency. But we’re no ordinary insurance agency, and you’re no ordinary business. We believe you deserve the same peace of mind that other types of businesses get from good insurance coverage.

Here are just a few of the insurance options available to consulting firms. Be sure to ask one of our specialists about additional coverage options if you don’t see what you’re looking for here.

Why Get Consultation Insurance?

As a professional consultant, your business lives and dies by the quality of your advice. As an insurance agency, it’s no different. Our business is also at stake, so we provide only the best insurance products for our consultant clients. That way, we’re protecting our business and yours. (Occupational hazard.) Perhaps that’s why we’ve been around since 1957.

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