Group Health Insurance, Reno, NV

Want a strong, productive, unstoppable workforce?
Hire robots. Or provide group health insurance.

If you are a business owner, offering health insurance is an essential part of recruiting and maintaining a strong workforce. By providing each employee with a plan that meets his or her expectations, it can help your business lower turnover and keep a staff that’s healthy and insured with peace of mind.

Comstock offers a variety of group health Insurance plans for small to mid-sized businesses. Our health insurance specialists will work with you one-on-one to develop a group plan that’s not only affordable, but complements your business’s needs.

Eenie Meenie Miny Moe is one way to pick a health plan for your business, but we have a better way: Talk to us.

Group health insurance plans typically include either indemnity plans, such as Fee-For-Service (FFS), or managed care plans, including: Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), and Point-Of Service (POS). The major difference between indemnity and managed care plans is the types of providers, choices of doctors and physicians, out-of-pocket expenses, and medical bill payments.

Since group health insurance options vary from state to state in coverage options and benefits, as well as the size of your business, it’s important to discuss your business’s health insurance needs with your Comstock agent in order to find a solution that’s ideal and feasible for you and your employees.

Why get Group Health insurance?

Parking tickets, late fees – most of us don’t like paying fines. And if you own a business that employs more than 50, you are required to offer your employees health insurance under the Affordable Care Act or you will face a fat fine.

While that’s one good reason to offer health insurance, we have even better reasons: Offering a valuable benefit like health care helps recruit better talent, and enables your employees to readily seek preventative care and take care of illness more quickly, keeping them healthier and more productive on the job with fewer missed days.

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