Manufacturing Insurance, Reno, NV

Your customers love custom orders.
As our customer, you will, too.

As much as some insurance agencies would like you to believe that policies are one size fits all, we know better. You do, too. That’s why we customize each manufacturing insurance policy to meet the individual needs of our clients.

Want to protect your inventory? Need to cover your people in case of injury? Want to make short work of equipment down time? How about additional coverage in case those what-ifs rear their ugly heads? Manufacturing insurance gives you the ability to run a tight ship, and to sleep tight as well.

The seasoned agents at Comstock appreciate the risks that come with running a manufacturing company. That’s why we offer many coverage options including:

Why Get Manufacturing Insurance?

No matter what your company manufactures, or how many it makes, we understand the hard work, capital, skill, technology and imagination it takes to do it. So can you imagine not covering the people, inventory, equipment and facility you need to run your business like clockwork? Neither can we. Manufacturing insurance can cover a number of different facets of your business and help keep your total output exactly where you want it.

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