It took blood, sweat and tears to build your business.
Let’s make sure an accident doesn’t take it down.

Despite our best efforts and planning, accidents happen. When they do happen, Comstock commercial product insurance can help protect the business you have built. Our goal is to work with you to put a policy in place that offers you peace of mind and enables you to focus on what you do – running your business.

With a custom property insurance policy from Comstock, you can ensure that your building and the personal property of your business are protected from minor accidents or a major financial loss. Our insurance specialists can develop a policy that keeps your business insured from top to bottom by covering such items as:

  • Building
  • Building Ordinance
  • Builder’s Risk Insurance – protects any materials or equipment from damage or loss sustained during construction or remodeling
  • Contractor’s Equipment
  • Equipment Breakdown Coverage – also called Boiler and Machinery Coverage, keeps any electrical, electronic, or pressurized equipment on your premises insured from breakdowns or loss
  • Interior Items (desks, furniture, etc.)
  • Inventory
  • On-site Equipment
  • Outdoor Signs on Your Property
  • Utility Services Coverage

Package Policies & Save

In some cases, your business can save more by combining property with liability insurance and meet all the insurance needs for your business. To find out more about combining coverage policies, contact your Comstock agent today.

Why get Commercial Property insurance?

You worked hard building your business, so why risk losing it all? Commercial property insurance can provide the financial resources to repair damage to your property or covered equipment, or replace it in the event it is not repairable.

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