There is no ‘I’ in team. Or Comstock.

Comstock is the people on these pages. While we provide a host of insurance and risk management products, our people are what make us us. Our agents get to know you, they make sure you have the best possible products for your needs and, most importantly, they are there when you need them.

And Comstock is there for you. We invest in ongoing training because we believe it brings more value to you. We are one of Nevada’s few insurance firms with Certified Insurance Counselors (CIC) – agents with additional training and certification from the National Alliance for Insurance Education & Research. The result is well-trained, knowledgeable agents who can better serve you. Not coincidentally, we have happy, long-term, loyal agents who believe in what Comstock does — just like our clients do.

Let’s get the initial introductions going here. Then, let’s meet in person. Our figurative tail is wagging in anticipation.

John Sweatt


The president of Comstock Insurance Agency is a third generation Reno native. But that’s just the beginning of his story. John is also a native of Comstock, as his father John founded the agency in 1957.

John knew from an early age that the Comstock door would always be open to welcome him in, yet he wanted to blaze his own trail…

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Michael Herschbach

Agency Manager/Producer

On the surface, job titles like tractor driver, heavy equipment operator and plant operator don’t scream ‘amazing insurance producer and sales manager’. However, once you meet Mike, the combination makes perfect sense. As an insurance agent specializing in agriculture, Mike takes great care of his clients because he’s walked in their mud-caked shoes. He grew up working his dad’s farm in Chester, Illinois, until it sold when Mike was a teenager…

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Judy Soracco

Finance Manager/Office Manager/Commercial Lines Manager

Judy’s story is a prime example of ‘everything happens for a reason’. Though her husband’s job was the official impetus for moving from Lodi, California to Reno in 1995, we feel like destiny played a big hand in the move. Judy’s 25-plus years with Comstock is all the proof we need.

She came to us with nearly a decade of experience in the insurance industry…

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Todd Brabbin

Senior Commercial Lines Producer

Todd Brabbin has a gift. He has a way of taking the complex and turning it into something simple. In the worlds of finance and insurance, where he’s spent his entire professional career, Todd has helped hundreds of clients protect their assets, helping guide them make smart, financially driven decisions.

When he first entered the work force, Todd knew without a doubt that he wanted to be a financial consultant…

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Tiffany Hughes

Employee Benefits Manager

Tiffany is not one to shy away from a challenge. In fact, she seeks out any opportunity to learn new skills and try new things, and her work history proves it. Before joining Comstock Insurance as a licensed life and health insurance agent in 2015, Tiffany’s job titles have included project engineer and business owner/operator, to name a few…

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Rebecca Diaz

Employee Benefits Account Manager

Becky is a Battle-born, Nevada native who was raised in Sparks, Nevada. She has 30-plus years in the insurance industry and has held a myriad of positions in Health and Commercial insurance – to say she knows her stuff is putting it lightly!

It was nothing short of serendipity when Becky was referred to us in 2020…

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Joy Gardner

Employee Benefits Consultant

Joy found her true calling the moment she was hired by Comstock Insurance to do telemarketing. Her commercial work required her to get her Property and Casualty license. Being the go-getter that she is, she decided to get her Life and Health license at the same time. That turned out to be a smart move, as a vacancy in that department unexpectedly arose…

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Insuk Lauer Commercial & Personal Lines Producer at Comstock Insurance

Insuk Lauer

Commercial & Personal Lines Producer

Working her way up doesn’t even begin to describe Insuk’s long journey to Comstock Insurance. She invested 27 years of her life into climbing all the way from typist to senior underwriter while working at two of the country’s largest insurance companies.

Insuk tried to retire from the insurance biz in 2007, but as luck would have it, she just couldn’t stay away…

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Leigh Butler

Personal Lines Producer

Whether you’re stuck in a kayak at the center of Lake Tahoe or trying to wade through insurance options to find the right match for your family, Leigh can guide you on your journey with great skill and grace. Though she’s only been in the Reno/Tahoe area since 2013, she’s shown her mettle in both Nevada’s personal insurance market and in some of Nevada’s most spectacular natural wonders…

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Courtney Coberly

Personal Lines Producer

When you first meet Courtney, you quickly find that she is all energy and passion and to their fullest – energy and passion that she takes to a whole new level when it comes to insurance. Although, she’s originally a California girl, she first dipped her toes into the insurance industry pool in 2008 while living in South Carolina as an Insurance Inspector…

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Karen Sipma

Commercial Lines Account Manager

Karen joined Comstock Insurance at the end of 2004 as a Personal Lines Producer, seemingly a perfect fit since she already had 13 years of experience under her belt. However, by 2006, we realized that Karen had a higher calling: serving churches through her insurance expertise. She was offered a position in commercial lines to answer the call…

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Naomi Parker

Commercial Lines Account Manager

Naomi has a highly analytical mind that she is putting to good use assisting Comstock Insurance customers and employees. Since entering the insurance biz in 2001 with a national agency, she has been evaluating risk, streamlining business processes, developing training manuals and helping customers choose the best coverage for their individual needs…

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Laurie Baldwin

Commercial Lines Account Manager

With 25-plus years in the insurance biz, the best way to describe Laurie is “Insurance Aficionado”. From the moment she arrived she was instantly invaluable. She handles the often immense job of Commercial Account Manager with great confidence and ease…

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Heidi Avery

Liaison/Personal Lines Account Manger

Heidi is our super, enthusiastic insurance-girl. She handles many things for Comstock from email marketing & client newsletters, to commercial and personal lines account management. It’s her main goal to learn the insurance business from the bottom up…

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