Hey, so how’s your roof?

I know it is WAY up there! Sure seems like it’s taking its home-dome job pretty seriously…

»There aren’t any visible leaks trickling in when it rains.

»Cold air isn’t pushing its way in with the winter wind.

»You do glance up there occasionally as you pull out of the drive and nothing seems amiss.

Doing just fine, yes?

Have you actually been up there?

The weather has served up quite the buffet of natural disasters lately. Just because there’s no noticeable damage from your view point below doesn’t mean the condition of your roof is hunky-dory.

I know what you’re thinking right now: “Oh, Acts of God; I’m covered!”

You’re probably right. Never mind.

Wait! I’m just kidding…

Shocking Reality #1:

If you scan your insurance policy for the phrase “Acts of God,” you’re not likely to find it anywhere.

Astonishingly shocking, right?

The closest word is “peril,” and it’s not the same thing. Every single claim significantly depends on the circumstances in which they occur.

In fact, when I ask my choice insurance intellect the ever obstinate and recurrent question, “so does the homeowners policy cover _________?” His go-to answer more often than not is “depends.”

Point is: It’s all in the details. Every policy is filled with conditional terms that depend on the details of your written, signed and paid-for policy.

Shocking Reality #2:

I cannot speak for every insurance company, but here at Comstock your insurance agent is your friend!

Okay stop that laughing; I’m serious!

The very last news they want to deliver to you is that your property damage isn’t covered. Really, that doesn’t make anybody happy. They much prefer: super-hero extraordinaire charging in and onto the scene of your crisis, tight-suit, cape, mask and all – payout at the ready.

You like that better, too, right? Yeah, I thought so.

Point is:  Know your homeowners policy. CALL US – we want to help you understand all of the depending details in your policy.

Shocking Reality #3:

Benjamin Franklin brilliantly coined the phrase, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!” He was specifically speaking of fire safety at the time, but it aptly applies to roof prevention.

All right, perhaps that’s not SO shocking, but it IS important.

Earlier I asked if you’ve had an up-close-and-personal with your roof and honestly, for obvious safety reasons, you should not be up there. However, a roof inspection with an expert roofer is highly recommended, especially if your roof hasn’t been replaced inside the last ten years.

This expert will carefully examine your roof exterior and interior searching for cracks and leaks. He’ll check the condition of your fascia, gutters, drains, skylights, chimneys and vents. He’s looking for existing damage that you can repair before it develops into something substantial and costly.

Point is: Your effort on preventative maintenance matters greatly to the potential of your payout in the event that damage does occur.

Okay, I do hope these shocking roof realities inspire and encourage you to get familiar with your homeowner’s policy, to get in touch with a friendly insurance agent (like us) and to give your roof a professional peek. You won’t regret it.



Your super enthusiastic insurance-girl