You’ve put a lot of effort and preparation into getting your child and their belongings ready for college.  Now the goal is to keep their stuff safe.

While they’re likely not hauling many things with them to school what they are taking does add up, especially the electronics. You will want protection against theft, loss, and fire. As I mentioned in our last blog post on auto insurance for your college student, you’ll need to make a phone call to your agent. Here are some tips on making sure their stuff is kept safe and that it’s adequately insured:

ONE. Take an inventory of their belongings:

  • Have your student make a list or create a spreadsheet of their property.
  • Register their electronics with the manufacturer.
  • Save the receipts.
  • Take pictures of their property and serial numbers.
  • Store this file at home and update it as it changes.

TWO. Call your insurance agent to discuss the following:

  • Does your home owners insurance extend coverage to your student’s dorm? Generally, it should cover 10% of your dwelling coverage, but each carrier will offer different limits or programs. Compare the amount of coverage to the amount to replace your student’s items. If it’s not enough ask about how to increase that coverage amount.
  • Is your student living off-campus? There still may be coverage under your home owners policy, but there might not. If not inquire about renters’ insurance. It’s easy to obtain coverage with a low deductible and doesn’t cost very much.

THREE. Challenge your student to keep their stuff safe:

  • Check in with student affairs to see if their school has a free property registration program and take advantage of it.
  • Keep a close eye on their smartphones and electronics never leaving them unattended.
  • Always lock their dorm room or car no exceptions.
  • Remind them that bicycle theft is the number one crime on many campuses. Invest in a good bike lock and keep their bike locked when unattended.
There are so many new life lessons for young college students. Learning how to take on the responsibility of their own valuables is a big one. As parents we hope they won’t have to learn the hard way just how important that responsibility is.

As always –  CALL US for more information on coverage for your college student’s personal property!

Your super enthusiastic insurance-girl