A burst pipe is very possibly your worst nightmare.

Replacing the pipe itself is enough trouble, but often there is water damage to deal with, as well.

So, when do we worry about pipes freezing and bursting?

Unfortunately, there is no true magic number for the outdoor temperature. Your pipes can freeze any time the air around them reaches the freezing point. That said, many experts say when temps reach at least 20 degrees or lower the potential for pipes to freeze increases.

Besides the outside temperature there are other factors involved that either help or hurt your pipes. A few to note are:

  • Whether you live in the North or the South.
  • How well your home is insulated.
  • Where your pipes are located.

No matter what your situation when the temps get low your pipes are at risk and so is your pocketbook. Follow these 6 Tips to decrease the possibility of frozen pipes this winter:

Blog 11.19.19 6 Tips to Keep Your Pipes From Freezing - Infographic
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