Imagine with me for a moment. The wheels just hit the ground at your destination airport, and whether it’s business or pleasure, happy relief comes as you make your way off of the plane. Suddenly, you’re only steps away from: The Rental Car Counter.

And here it comes…

That cursed, yet unavoidable question that we all know and dread:Would you like to add insurance coverage for $15-$25 a day?

The answer that most of us hesitantly give out of sheer confusion and angst: Nope!

And our secret expression as we walk away bewildered and slightly concerned that we may not have what we need in the event of an accident: UGH.

Well, I say no more!

Let’s vow to approach the rental car counter with confidence and ease! Let’s let our yes be yes and our no be no! Let’s saunter off without fear onto whatever out-of-town adventure lies ahead.

Now, who’s with me?!

Rental car counter warriors ONLY read on: 

3 steps to take BEFORE stepping up to the rental car counter

Step 1: Call your insurance agent and find out what your auto policy already covers. Ask specifically about:

  • your current auto policy and if it extends to rental car agreements
  • coverage if the rental car is stolen or damaged and towing fees
  • your homeowners policy, ask if it covers your personal property in the rental car
  • “loss of use” in case the rental car company wants to charge you for what they would have made if the car wasn’t away for repair

Step 2: Call your credit card company!  One great hidden perk of most major credit card companies is rental car insurance coverage. What kind of coverage depends on the company and you need to call to find out the specifics. In most cases you must deny coverage offered by the rental car company and pay for the rental car charges in full on your specific credit card. Read more about: Rental Car Insurance: 2017’s Best Credit Card Coverage

Step 3: If Step 1 & Step 2 don’t provide you necessary coverage, then I strongly recommend that you consider purchasing the offered rental car insurance. However, always read the agreement before signing. Again, call ahead and ask for any damage waivers or insurance agreements offered by the rental car company to avoid pressure while standing in line.

The last thing any of us wants when out of town for business or pleasure is to deal with the consequences of an accident, whether it’s our fault or not. If you’re not well protected, then you are definitely wide open for potential headache and expense.

As always, Comstock is here for you. Call us! We’ll happily walk through your policy with you and answer any questions you have.

Your super enthusiastic insurance-girl