Morgan Daniels

Morgan is the daughter of one of Comstock’s best and brightest, Naomi Parker, and she’s the baby of our Comstock bunch. She’s young, energetic, eager to learn, and determined to get the job done and get it done well.

The first voice you hear and the first face you see when you call or visit our office is often Morgan’s. Always smiling and always quick to assist however she’s needed — we are incredibly fortunate to have her. She holds her license in Property and Casualty insurance and soon will be licensed in Life and Health. And if that just isn’t enough she also attends the University of Nevada Reno pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing and Business Finance.

Morgan is a proud, battle born Nevadan. She enjoys playing sports, meeting new people and hanging out with friends and family. Aside from her high ambitions to travel the great wide world; she’s got a unique love for shopping and decorating any space she can get her hands on.

Office: 775-853-9424 Ext. 200
Fax: 775-852-1616